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Swedex Pouchjet - pro II  過膠機


  • 產品優點

  • 過膠片零塑化劑(plasticizers)和無溶劑膠水(Solvent-free),減少有害物質對健康帶來的影響,更符合的職業安全要求

  • swedex處理和存儲是不會釋放增塑劑和溶劑。有利室內空氣健康,保障員工的呼吸系統和健康

  • 此外,材料是不含重金屬。沒有有毒物質可以從層壓膜被釋放,例如如水銀。

  • 現今最快速過膠系統 - 每分鐘可達2200mm

  • 採用獨有「smartpouch」物料,會依據文件厚薄自動調節溫度和速度

  • 高速可達每分鐘十份文件(Ex.A4 smartpouch, turbo)

  • 預熱時間 55 秒

  • 採用獨有「smartpouch」身料 - 節省30%時間

  • 零靜電 - 放置文件更容易

過膠闊度: 320毫米
最厚程度: 1.0毫米
過膠物料: turbo(60mic), medi(80mic), maxi(125mic), mega(175mic), giga(250mic)
物料尺寸: 54x86毫米到A3 size
操作方式: 八軸 加熱系統: 四軸
速度 (mic/mm per min): 最快60mic/2200毫米
預熱時間: 1 分鐘
自動關機: 30 分鐘後
重量: 5.2kg, 尺寸 (WxDxH): 473x237x140毫米


A3 : 80mic, 125mic, 250mic ( 306x426mm) ( 100pcs/pk)

A4: 80mic, 125mic, 250mic ( 216x306mm) (100pcs/pks)

Name Card : 125mic (67x100mm ) (100pcs/pks)

Credit Card : 125mic (57x86mm) (100 pcs / pks )


The pouchjet pro II laminator is and elegant, high quality laminating system that complements any office or home environment..

It has automatic detection, which means it automatically detects film thickness with the use of the SMART PILOT. It then adjusts the temperature and speed according to the pouch used.

Quick start : warm up time -- 55 seconds

Fast : 2200mm/ min


There are no user settings on the pouchjet pro II, the laminating machine and the pouches do all the work for you. It will always use the correct pre-programmed setting that is required for the job.

Perfect lamination result due to perfect matching of temperature and velocity of the SMART PILOT.

One of the biggest concerns with office equipment is safety, we have addressed this issue with the design and functionality of the pouchjet pro II. It is designed in such a way that you are unable to insert anything into the rollers if it is not scanned by the Smart Pilot first. This means that you can feel comfortable at home or at the office that someone will not injure themselves.

The styling of the machine was designed to match any office environment, it is small enough not to take up any space but large enough to give you the versatility of document sizes.


ECO Friendly

The ECO Friendly Swedex Smartpouch laminating film consists of high-quality and recyclable plastics polyester, ethylene vinyl-acetate (EVA) andpolyethylene. The Smartpouches are made of the highest quality to ensure that you are able to protect your document and at the same time not damage the environment.

The plastic compound protects your documentation best and naturally against moisture, dust, dirt,and harmful UV radiation.

The processing and storage of the Swedex smart-pouches is free of plasticizers and solvents. This is good for your health because the room air, and thus your overall body, is not negatively impacted.

Furthermore, the base material is free of heavy metals. This is especially important because no poisonous substances can be released from the laminating film in case of contact such as e.g. Mercury. You can feel secure in the knowledge that while you are laminating your document, you are not exposed to any harmful poisons that may affect your health.

This also means that when you dispose of your document, none of these harmful chemicals will be released into the environment.