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DTG Digital Force Gauge

日本 DTG 系列電子推拉力計


* 過載 200% 都不會損壞傳感器

* 可倒置顯示, 方便讀取數值

* 與卡尺或位移計連接, 推拉力計右上角顯示位移值

* 可接打印機輸出數据 或 接電腦

* 與電動測試台配合使用

* Easy-to read,auto-reverse large LCD display.

* Auto power OFF function.

* Memory up to 1000 data of peak and hold values.

* Print out measuring data with connection to printer.(Serial output,digimatic output)

* connectable to computer through USB output cable(standard accessory)

* Automatic peak measuring value record(Auto-memory function)

* By setting control value of load and displacement it is possible for control the instruments.

* Overload warning.(LED flash and sound alarm)

* Ni-MH battery.(environment-friendry and pollution-free battery)

* Battery remain display.

* Display reverse function.

* Present values of ON,OFF points. (by connection with points of switch and connectors etc.)

* A multi AC adapter(AC100V~240V) is provided for battery charger.







1 DTG-1 10N ( 1kgf ) 0.001N (0.1gf)
2 DTG-2 20N ( 1kgf ) 0.01N (1gf)
3 DTG-5 50N ( 1kgf ) 0.01N (1gf)
4 DTG-10 100N ( 1kgf ) 0.01N (1gf)
5 DTG-20 200N ( 1kgf ) 0.1N (10gf)
6 DTG-50 500N ( 1kgf ) 0.1N (10gf)
7 DTG-100 1000N ( 1kgf ) 0.1N (10gf)

其它型號, 請參考 PEACOCK 網頁, 歡迎查詢

Please refer to DTG website for the product details, your enquiry are welcome